Murrieta, CA

Flood & Water Damage Restoration Stats

Last Updated: 10/11/2022

Murrieta, CA

Water and Flood Recovery

Rapid Clean Restoration strives to be a recognized leader in the flood recovery sector and also to provide a business structure that will above all support a commitment to overall customer satisfaction. We strive to exceed the expectations of our customers with every flood damage project. Our team-oriented is professionally trained. In addition, we use the latest technological equipment available in Murrieta.

Rapid Clean Restoration, as a certified professional and award-winning company is serving Murrieta. We specialize in water restoration from floods or leak damage, using the industry’s most advanced drying equipment. With more than ten years of combined experience in water damage treatment and servicing thousands of satisfied clients, we feel that our network is undoubtedly the best in Murrieta – as well as one of the best in Riverside County!

Please note, in addition to Murrieta our team also serves Temecula for every aspect of water damage restoration to any residence or business property. We will unquestionably dry and restore all water-damaged areas to a pre-incident or most likely new condition.

Murrieta Details

RCR is handling Flood Damage service calls in Murrieta 

Serviceable Homes

Flood Damage Cause and Affect

Leaks & Problems that lead to Water Damage

Buildings act like a sponge when water is added; the fact that not all signs of water damage are visual does not mean that the building is safe or completely dry. Be that as it may, attics and cellars are particularly difficult to identify moisture thus leaving the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. As a result mold conditions can easily rise and grow in these areas if conditions are not treated.

Therefore, it is important to contact RCR’s Water Damage Experts who can properly utilize ALL ASPECTS of water damage recovery for a properly dried structure and avoid any additional damage. As a professional flood damage repair company in the area, we by all means can assist you with any incident involving the following.

    • Cracked or leaking pipes
    • Bath overflows
    • Sink overflows
    • Toilet flooding
    • Leaking air conditioning
    • Refrigerator
    • Washing machine
    • Water heater
    • Dishwasher
    • Sink
    • Pump failure
    • Damage to wooden floors
    • Floods from storms

Murrieta Certified Professional Technicians

Our certified Murrieta Water Restoration Technicians dive deep into a building’s structure. We measure moisture at all levels including the insulation, walls, and subfloors to be sure that all moisture is removed. Left flood water will lead to unsafe moisture levels and need to be monitored and mapped to prevent the growth and spread of mold.

Are you in Murrieta and have Flood Damage?

Don’t hesitate to call us, homes continue to deteriorate when water damage is left untreated.